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Timmins offers a great variety of residential, commercial, and industrial land and properties that will maximize your investment in our great city. 

The City’s population density is 14.3 persons per km2 (37.1 persons per sq mi), which is significantly lower than the densely populated region of Southern Ontario. 

Timmins vast geography and low population density allow for developments that are secure and secluded, yet easily accessible.

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Realtors in Timmins

690 Riverpark Road
Timmins, ON   P4P 1B4
Tel: (705) 264-5364
Fax: (705) 267-1104
Commercial Realtors: Peter Beaucage, Scott Bragagnolo, Jaco Beaucage

16 Cedar Street S
Timmins, ON P4N 2G4
Tel: (705) 465-2550
Commercial Realtors: Michel Blais

108-85 Pine Street South
Timmins, ON P4N 2K1
Tel: (705) 465-2550
Commercial Realtors: Tim Perron

151 Second Avenue
Timmins, ON   P4N 1E8
Tel: (705) 267-1717
Commercial Realtors: All realtors capable of handling commercial inquiries

83 Algonquin Boulevard West
Timmins, ON P4N 2R4
Tel: (705) 360-7000
Fax: (705) 360-7770
Commercial Realtors: Bruno Gendron, Mike Fortin, Steve Kidd

965 Lalonde Street
Timmins, ON P4P 1B9
Tel: (705) 267-6767
Commercial Realtors: Robert Stewart

For further information on realtors in Timmins, please contact the Timmins, Cochrane, and Timiskaming District Association of Realtors:

T 705-268-5451

Industrial Parks

In Timmins, the cost for industrial land is relatively low, and the City has ample land available for development. 

Please see the fact sheets below for information on vacant industrial land in Timmins!

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